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Our Story

Goldstein Cycles provides a tailored and personal approach to designing the right frame for each rider. 

Bespoke means a true made-to-measure frame: tubes cut to the millimetre, angles to the hundredth of a degree, characteristics to match your character and colours to match anything you like.

Boutique means that it isn’t just a high-end but rare, too.  Few of your riding friends will have even heard of the bike on which you’ve just spent so much money and most won’t get it. Boutique also means that this says as much about them as it does about the bike. 

Goldstein Cycles work in conjunction with expert bicycle engineers to correctly measure and fit the rider, with the outcome of having the rider design their dream bicycle.

Our vision is for the experience to feel like it is an organic process – where an expert bicycle engineer tailors a beautiful custom bike frame to customers exact specifications – rather than an “cookie cutter” fitting or “off the shelf” product.

Our Brands


Since 1989, Legend have designed and developed bike frames for some of Europe’s most famous cycle brands. All frames are made in Italy by expert craftsmen, personalised and hand finished, one by one.

LEGEND. Clearly unique.

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Making the first and only commercial custom carbon fibre frames in the UK, Craddock operates from his own composites production facility in Worcestershire, which is fully equipped with precision tools and machinery.

The frames are designed, engineered and fabricated by Richard Craddock. A former international road racer with a depth of experience in design and manufacturing in the bike industry.

Owners of Craddock frames will find themselves in an exclusive club.


Made in Italy is, for Miche, a choice motivated by a constant pursuit of absolute quality, from a story that has traveled all the roads of cycling, from the dusty ones, to those supertechnological and futuristic, constantly following a World in changing: the World of Cycling.

  • Legend Bikes Ht5.7-2
  • Legend Bikes Ht5.7-4
  • Lugged Steel Legend-5[1]
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